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Veridian Environmental is an environmental consulting firm specializing in environmental chemistry. Our adherence to sound scientific principles results in verifiable, reproducible, results that provide the most efficient solutions for our clients’ environmental concerns.

The services of Veridian Environmental are provided by individuals who are uniquely qualified to offer our clients innovative scientific approaches to their environmental challenges. Veridian’s chemists have over twenty-five years of combined experience in laboratory analysis and management and over fifteen years in environmental consulting. Our professionals are recognized experts in their respective fields and are adept at working as independent consultants or as members of project teams. Veridian Environmental’s professionals have participated in the review and modification of US EPA protocols for environmental chemical analysis techniques.

The Veridian Environmental professional staff can provide a variety of environmental consulting services. In the area of Quality Assurance Chemistry, Veridian Environmental offers services such as the design, implementation, and maintenance of corporate laboratory programs; analytical method evaluation and development; quality assurance project plan preparation; independent validation of sample data; the performance of laboratory audits; and litigation support. These highly specialized services demand a thorough knowledge of all current chemical, radiological, and physical analysis techniques. It is important to recognize that validation and laboratory audit reports must be completely unbiased to be valid; for this reason, Veridian Environmental is completely independent and is not affiliated with any outside data-generation contractors or analytical laboratories.


Veridian Environmental has provided environmental consulting services on a national level since 1992. The company headquarters is located in the Northern California area, in Davis, California.

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